Best things to add to/go with coffee


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Jan 28, 2012
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I'm having allot of fun experimenting with coffee creations. Here are some of the ones I'm enjoying.

Fruit: Top picks Blueberries and/or Bananas. Mixes very well. I really enjoy a few frozen blueberries to cool my Keurig coffee down (delicious and nutritious). Bananas have a strong taste that compliments things well. Can mix with almost anything (Nut butter, Coconut, Blueberries, Dairy) Good for Coffee milkshakes
For Quality Coffee: An apple works wonders for cleansing you're palate. eating an apple while drinking coffee lets you really taste the brew. Apples help whiten teeth as well, so say goodbye to coffee stains on your pearly whites!

Coconut milk/Coconut Oil: Gives a unique taste. Coconut milk with iced coffee and a banana is great for that cooled down pot you forgot to drink. The oil is interesting because it doesn't really mix with the coffee it sits on top, but if you use the right amount then when you sip you get a bit of both, it's good.

Vanilla Extract: Not bad, still going to play with this a bit more. Might be better with iced coffee. Not a huge vanilla fan myself. Have a nice bottle of vanilla extract my family brought back from Mexico, the bartenders there made delicious mixed drinks with coffee, vanilla and some type of alcohol. Wish i could remember more of that trip :-D

:star:Cocoa powder/ Dark chocolate: AMAZING. a little cocoa sprinked in blends well, but cant even touch how good a small square of extra dark chocolate melting in your mouth as you sip on you're coffee. Feels good man!
I have used coconut oil for a long while, excellent taste and of course very healthy.
Sultanas go very well with coffee as well.
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I drink my coffee with soy milk. I also like sprinkling a little cinnamon on top. But I will try with coconut milk or rice milk, see how it changes the flavor. After using soy milk, it's hard to go back to drinking coffee with cow's milk. Not only is the taste different, but the texture is watery and thin.