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Jul 24, 2007
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Hey Topher...
This is your company, right? I was wondering how the radio advertising is going. I listen to AM talk radio all the time and I hear your ads everywhere. It makes me want to order coffee from you, even though I own my own shop!
There is a certain amount of loyalty associated with the radio talk show hosts and I would expect that this campaign is working well. I was curious how it is going...

JD Anderson
Nemo's Coffee
Yeah, as long as you don't believe in Global Warming and the other right prose. Esp the IEB network. I'm a conservative but also understand that the voice on the radio is a view that's projected...Maybe in Co, the radion isn't Extreme rightwing talk radio. Rush, Michal Meved, and the others are a particular side of the fence. My .02 But I too agree that BOCA JAVA out of Rush l. Mouth sure sounds good....Damn that power of persuasion..........How ever I truly like the right values.