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May 15, 2006
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Hi. Im pretty new to this board, and found this board to be helpful. I was just wondering if there are any coffee shop owners in the greater Boston area. Im in the process of opening up a new store.
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I was thinking of opening up on newbury st, or boylston st. Both streets have excellent foot traffic, especially during the summer. The problem is that there are already about 8 other coffee shops on that strip. about 5 starbucks and 4 independent. Just wondering how well these guys are doing. whether they are fihting over customers or if they are all overwhelmed. Id imagine that since there are so many people walking around that area, there wont be a shortage of customers.
ever since George Howell sold Coffee Connection to Starbucks, there are very few quality coffeehouses in Boston area. There are many busy coffeehouses, but I think only a handful are decent, and Simon's at 1736 Mass ave Cambridge, MA is truly good. On Newbury Street, and Boylston Street, I know Espresso Royale does pretty well because I have one of their ex-barista working for me, but you are looking at pretty steep rent, so you need to ask yourself how can you take business away from Starbucks, Espresso Royale, and other shops? I think in that area your shops outside apparance, outdoor seating, shop design and atmosphere are probably more important than pulling the best espresso shot per se. Best of luck.
I lived in Boston for over 40 years I can tell you this.

There are at least 3 or more vacancies on Newbury at all times because the turnover is so high. They say "You see a lot of people on Newbury carrying non-Newbury shopping bags"

After Xmas I counted 8 vacancies on the strip. Also I found that any vacancies that open that aloud food are rare. I know because I was asking about 3 years ago.

Good luck but be wary.
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any other suggestion as to where to open up. Newbury is great and all but if i can find similiar foot traffic on a space that has lower rent i would obviously take that. IM looking for about 1000sq ft, on newbury thatll run you close to $6500 a month in just rent.