Breville Bambino pulling more to one side! Help?


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May 29, 2022
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My new Breville Bambino Plus is constantly pulling more to the left than the right (from the vantage point of when looking at the machine). This makes sharing a shot with my spouse impossible.

My grinder is Eureka Notte. I do single dosing and use an Etsy 3D made SD hopper with silicone bellow and anti-popcorn weight thingy that fits perfectly in the grinder throat. I feel my setup is very adequate and focused now on my puck preparation. For channeling prevention I ordered a WDT tool, palm distributor and tamp, and a SS puck filter (mostly to keep the group head clean). I also leveled out my machine as I did find it was sitting uneven.

I dose 16 grams and I am getting shots I enjoy in taste. I just can’t easily split to share since they are coming out uneven. I’m using the Breville Bambino stock portafilter to split. Unlike the Express, the Bambino comes with this weird nipple like spouts instead of the traditional U shape spouts. Could that be the issue? Or what I’m thinking is this machine is spraying more water to one side than the other. Anyone else having this issue or any thoughts?


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Easiest approach would be to go to Lowes/Home Depot and get a 1/2 ton mini hydraulic jack and raise that side of the machine up to smooth flow out... bwahaha not really. There are different variables at play that can affect that like the machine not being level (now see you addressed that), can be the way you prep the puck causing a bit more flow on the one side, sometimes the shower screen/dispersion disc can cause an uneven flow pattern, etc.