Breville Barista Express: need help with extraction


New member
Jun 28, 2018

I have just bought my first espresso machine, a Breville Barista Express.
I have been playing arround for about two hours trying different configurations (all of them using a single wall 1 cup basket), but my shots are far from being drinkable.

One of the "best" shots I have been able to pull is with the following configuration:
* Grind size: 4
* Grind amount: 6 o'clock
* Tamp: about 27 to 33 lbs of pleasure (levelled with the Razor)

* Flows start at 8 seconds while the pressure gauge is in the upper limit (i.e. right below the solid zone).
* Extraction takes 24 seconds while the pressure gauge is in the upper zone.
* Coffee is short and too strong.
Lamentably, I'm unable to post the links with the videos as I'm a newbie in the forum.

The problem with this situation is that there is
* under extraction since the extraction takes less than 25 seconds;
* over extraction since the pressure gauge is in the upper zone and the flow starts at 8 seconds

Any help will be much appreciated!