La Spaziale Dream low pressure: Grind or Equipment?


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Nov 10, 2022
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I just bought a La Spaziale Dream T and have been dialing in my grind settings. I dialed in the extraction time such that extraction wouldn't start for 6 seconds and the total extraction time was about 33 seconds for 2oz. But the coffee was watery and I noticed the pressure never got into the green zone on the gauge.

I was told by my salesperson to check the machine's pressure using the back flush disc. The pressure was normal: 9.5 with the backflush disc in. So I played around with tamp, volume, and grind a bunch and eventually found a setting that impacted the extraction pressure. I was able to get the pressure into the green zone, but only at about 8.5 bars. the extraction is noticeably less watery. The problem is that it dramatically slowed down the extraction. It takes about 75 seconds to get 2oz. I've tried to increase coarseness, but any change drops the pressure below the green zone and the espresso looks watery.

Is there a way through grind/volume/tamper settings to increase the extraction pressure without increasing the extraction time? Or is there something wrong with my machine?