Breville Express Impress


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Jun 28, 2023
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Bought this 2 months ago after our 3rd(!!) oracle died and Breville asked for 500 to fix. Happy with machine untill last week. Grinder making horrible noises. Did advanced cleaning twice, no improvement. Customer support is mailing some parts even though the machine is clearly broken after just 2 months.
Also- a noticeable drop in the quality of customer support when compared to my prior experiences. I decided to go back to Breville because when they work, they make a great cup.
Reliability- that is something else. My next machine will not be a Breville


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Breville really should stick to toasters, etc. as they still haven't figured out how to build a quality machine that will last. Might be tolerable if you're OK with having their dumbgineers rehab it every 2-3 yrs or tear into it and fix yourself on a regular basis. I question the build quality/components and consuming anything from them. Of course the fanboys will go on and on, but yeah some just don't know any better is all that amounts to.

Breville will suggest descaling, when that clearly leads to failure in 99.99999% of the cases.

Saw that your post on another forum is on 'cool down' as they clearly don't like brand bashing and that's ridiculous in itself. People need to look past advertising/$ and just let the truth be told unbiased. Typical of that pathetic forum anyway as that sort of thing happens quite often.

Anyway... simply steer away from disposable appliance grade junk and choose a quality brand/setup that will last/perform as long as you want it to.