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Hi Folks,
I recently purchased an espresso blend (green) from a west coast broker, and found it to have what I considered to be A LOT of defects, especially quakers. Like a small handful out of a 3lb batch. When I called the broker to ask about it, I was told that because the blend had natural (unwashed) sidamo that it was normal to have those and also that I should not remove them as they add to the character of the blend. Anything I have learned about quakers is that they should be removed and that even a few can taint a pot of coffee. Does anybody have any insights about this? I really like this broker, as they spend a lot of time roasting and cupping what they sell and have great descriptions of their coffees on their website. In other words, I want to trust what they told me, but it doesn't sound quite right. Thanks for the responses in advance.



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I have worked with unwashed Ethiopians and Brazilians with good amount of quakers. I have had sorted them out and cupped them, and I can't imagine they add anything to the espresso. But I think you should sort them out and cup them yourself or do an espresso shot with quakers and see if that will add anything to your your espresso. Also, I doubt one quaker will ruin a whole pot of drip, especially if you brew 1 gallon or more at a time.


Nov 3, 2004
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You could avoid this situation by cupping and purchasing the components of any blends separately rather than some generic mixture labeled espresso.