Bunn coffee maker question -PLEASE HELP ME~~


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May 10, 2020
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Hello. I purchased large Commercial Bunn Coffee maker and im having hard time to find filter basket.
I purchased large filter baskets from amazon twice and all of them are all small, doesn't fit.
Can you tell me which one should i buy it and where?
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1. Get the machine number. The manufacturer's label should give you the machine number. It will have a numeric format like 36600.0000.
2. Having found the machine number, go to https://commercial.bunn.com/
3. Put the base machine number (for example 36600 without the .0000) in the Bunn search area near the top of the page and press <enter>
4. Choose the most applicable machine from a potential list of machines.
5. Scroll down on the page for that machine. Near the bottom of the page, you will see "compatible funnels". For 36600.0000 this lists parts 32643.0010 and 32643.0000 (probably identical).
6. Find somewhere to buy one of these parts. They are typically quite expensive ($131.68 from the Bunn website) for what they are.
I hope this helps.


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May 11, 2014
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NorthSouth is exactly right... it looks like its a Bunn ITCB but you need to clarify. The lower end models which I think uses a plastic funnel which is relatively inexpensive. It's once you get into the Stainless products is when you get into the $125ish range. However, follow the process and you can get the right product pretty easily.

Most likely these are the ones you need: