Need filter advice for the Breville Precision Thermal


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Jun 26, 2023
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Hello everyone, I just picked up this machine and really love it. The my brew feature lets me customize bloom time and other timings to make some great coffee. The one issue I'm having is finding taller filters to fit the basket and avoid overflow, the 2.75" cant handle the water. It came with 10 taller bleached filters but after contacting Breville they dont sell them and didnt advise where to buy them or what model they were.

So, question for the forum: Anyone here know where to find 12 cup basket style flat bottom bleached/non-bleached filters with a 5" ish bottom measurement and 6" high walls?

Any insight here would be appreciated thank you!
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thank you, I searched that same criteria and bought and returned 7 items from that list but the way they advertise measurements so far none have fit. The tallest one thats non-commercial (8" tall) I could find was 3.25" tall when the item was actually delivered.
ok and thanks for letting me know. if you find something lets us know as I am looking at this machine.