Bunn & Grindmaster Grinders just out of Service.

Oct 27, 2010
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We have a Qty of the following Burr Coffee Grinders just out of Service.

Bunn G-9, AND G-9-HD Dual Hoppers 6 LBS ea, Stainless Steel, top Load,
all in Real Nice shape....$125ea.....$95 for Volume,

Bunn MHG-SST Dual Hoppers 6lbs,Digital, Stainless Steel, Front Load,
All we have bench Tested have still been under MFG Warranty.... $300ea
Volume $200 ea.

These should be ready to ship in a week or two, if interested.

Locations, California, Mid West, Central, and East Coast, Florida.

Thanks Rick. :)
This isn't making much sense... you come on this forum asking about a variety of things as if you're just diving into the world of specialty coffee and now you're offering GREAT deals on bulk grinders!?! Just doesn't add up! Later!
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Sorry about that, if we have caused any confusion,

Our primary Business has always been excess equipment for about 20 years,
mainly computer and Telecommunications.

Our Customer base has been quite large, we have been offered Restaurant and
Coffee House equipment many times before, but have not taken advantage
of it until now.

One of our Good Friends, who is taking advantage of the Grinder availability,
is using them for himself, and to expand his operation.

Thus, we have been asked to Partner with them in Sales and Dist. for
the Excellent coffee we now know he has available, as we have Tasted it our self,
and that is to us the Proof of the Pudding, and not hear say.

We invite any Questions, and Thank you for them !!

Sorry, once again for any misunderstanding !!

Our business leads us into many directions.

Rick H
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I am back from Dinner,

and just wanted to say, we gladly offer any deals we come upon
to all of you here at Coffee Forums, or any other way we can be of service.

As we gladly accept your Years of Experience as a Great asset in helping us to enjoy,
and become better students of the Coffee industry and workplace.

Until now, we have just been the Equipment guys wholesale dudes,
and a lot of people never heard of us, because the equipment we had at the time
was not related to their field, or someone who bought from us, did not reveal
the source, and that is ok, we honor everyones right to make a buck.

And Please be Sure to know, that we also Respect All of you, from the first to the last,
and are sincere in our thanks for any help we receive.

And always feel free to knock on our door, its always open,
and we will do our Best to respond.

Rick H
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Your understanding is well received,
as is all of your advice and wisdom in these matters.

If we can help in any way your self or others here,
or any people in your circle, we will be happy to assist.

Rick H.