How often should we Replace Burrs on Bunn Grinders?

Oct 27, 2010
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We are just New to the Coffee business, and are using Bunn G-9, AND
Bunn MHG-SST Digital Grinders.
What poundage or Hour level should we follow to determine if the Burrs need Replacement,
or is sharpening possible ?

Also, what would you use for cleaning the MHG Hoppers that get a heavy oil build up.

Thanks for all of your advice.
I'm sure there is a factory recommendation regarding burr replacement, but personally I look at a few factors instead of time/volume. When cleaning/stripping the grinder examine the burr edges closely, feel for dullness, etc. Also look at grind consistency. If you notice uneven particle size/lots of dust then it might be time to replace them. Also examine the grounds once water has been ran through after brewing is complete. This should make it really easy to see any grind issues. But I'd say the burrs installed in BUNN grinders have to be good for thousands of pounds without question.

Sharpening might be possible on burrs, but for consistency sake I'd replace them.

Personally I never leave beans in the hopper of our BUNN LPG. I use 3-4 different bean origins for drip at times and I weigh/grind only what I need per airpot batch. To clean the hopper I do use a hot, wet towel. Then dry thoroughly. IMO there is no need for lots of scrubbing, cleaning with chemicals, etc. If cleaning is done often a wet towel should do fine. I also vacuum/brush out the entire grinder before I use each new batch of beans. The only place I ever find any retention in the LPG is around the chaff collectors. BUNN makes very good drip grinders. Later!
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Thanks for all of your Good advice, I would hate to be the Guy
who was cleaning with a Heavy chemical to eliminate the oil,
might be a real backfire when Grinding Organic only Coffee,
I could of been De organicizing the Good Brew, is that a word ? ha ha.

Thanks again.
I didn't mean to imply industrial strength cleaners are used for cleaning items such as this. But even dish detergent can leave behind trace amounts that can wreak havoc on coffee if not rinsed very well. I like to use hot water wherever. If hot water isn't effective I a backflush detergent solution such as JoeGlo, Cafiza, etc. as these clean really well/quick and rinse off quite easily. Such as soaking grinder burrs, etc. Just rinse well and air dry thoroughly.

For grinder hoppers I recommend a few simple things... not leaving the hopper full all the time and periodically stripping the grinder down and cleaning all parts, especially areas that tend to retain alot of oil such as the hopper. Later!