Should I fix my 8 year Saeco Incanto RS SBS?


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May 18, 2015
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Hello everyone,
I'm a new member and love reading the posts and helpful advice shared by everyone. I would like some advice on my broken Saeco superautomatic.
I purchased by Incanto RS SBS exactly 8 years ago. Throughout those 8 years, I had the O ring replaced, the doser microswitch replaced, and the burr grinder replaced. I have cleaned, descaled, lubed and maintained it regularly because's a Saeco :coffee:. Yesterday, it stopped working and by following the troubleshooting guides posted on the internet/ You Tube, I've determined that the brew drive motor is broken and most likely must be replaced. The brew drive doesn't reset when only the dredge drawer ( w/o the brew group) is inserted and machine turned on. The red light - indicating either grinder motor or brew group motor is jammed- remains lit. I have used Saeco certified repair previously and plan to bring it for repair, but I am wondering if it is just time to replace it rather than invest more money in fixing it. I purchased it for $800 from Macy's and it has lasted 8 years. But I really don't want to spend that large amount on another super automatic if fixing the motor is cheaper. The repair shop will confirm the exact issue and provide me an estimate of the cost to repair. So I am wondering how much I should spend to fix it or just use those funds to replace it .
How long should these machines last? Your thoughts? Thanks in advance.


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Jul 3, 2014
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No! Better to just buy a new one. If you fix it, it'll just keeps breaking again and again. Save yourself from the few bucks of endless fixing it and the hassle and time from doing so. 8 years, it already had a good run! :)


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Feb 28, 2008
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People also ask the same types of questions when they're considering getting a new car. "Is it worth fixing or should I get a new one?"

Will the repair place give you an estimate for free? If fixing it turns out to cost less than you imagine, it may be worth fixing, especially considering that you've already replaced a lot of parts already.

You may get a lot more mileage out of your machine, and in the mean time you can start saving money for when you're ready to buy a new one.