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Dec 29, 2004
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I'm a newbie and am interested in buying some premium coffee online. I know brick and mortar stores have some good coffee, but like anything else, the "real stuff" is online(Being a cigar smoker, I can testify to this! 8) ) So, with all that being said-where's the good stuff? :) :)
Just do a google search for fresh roasted coffee beans or simmilar and you will find more online roasters than you could imagine. Just do some surfing while you enjoy a couple cups of coffee and try one that seems to fit what you are looking for!

Have fun!
and remember to
Just a few things to look for on online coffee shops-

1. Look that they ship the kind of coffee you want (no blends if you want a pure type of coffee)

2. They ship directly right after roasting in a fairly fast shipping service (UPS, USPS Priority are good choices)

3. Their website is helpful and informative, making sure that they know something about gourmet coffee if they are going to sell it.

4. Try and find a shop where the manufacturer is located close to your home, that way your coffee will be delivered within days.

Feel free to check us out. We roast only 100% Class 1 Specialty Grade Beans. Were just two brothers that started roasting as a hobby a few years back and it just evolved into a nice little outfit. Ill leave out the sales pitch, the coffee speaks for itself but here's the link mate. <snip> also you can use the coupon code SLRC10 to receive 10% off all orders! Enjoy! 8)
Since I'm not a merchant, I'll suggest one I've used they ship, supposedly, within 24 hrs of roasting your order. They will mail you 1/4 lb samples for an 8 dollar fee plus coffee and shipping so you can try stuff. These orders take a little longer to ship as they may not have any orders on a given day for one of the coffees you order. One of the guys there seems to be a jerk but the other person I delt with was very merchant like.

I do not understand the....."They will mail you 1/4 lb samples for an 8 dollar" concept....a quarter pound "sample" for $8.00?? maybe I am reading it wrong :?
Hi Topher, little bit of both maybe. You can order as many quarter lbs as you like, up to 3 lbs I think. You will be charged normal price for each quarter lb plus shipping and an eight dollar fee for their hassle.

It's so tacky putting all those quarter lbs of beans in those dinky little bags. Oh the handling! Oy, the cost of those bags!......gag me with a 7.50 profit on the eight dollar fee.

The coffee normally comes in five or twenty lb lots and is usually about 5$/lb including shipping. Sorry I was hurrying and not very clear. The coffee was very good btw. I took some to a pro roaster friend of mine and he and another coffee fan enjoyed the samples.

So, Topher....did you think I had a gram scale in New Mexico because you just read the Mexico part and not the New [as in the US] part?Just curious.


Wow I wouldn't have guessed that. But I should have. A good friend that used to live near us [ we are in the serious boonies] had his place up for sale for a few years and one day I saw him and he said "hey my place sold, this guy from california gave me 20 grand cash down then missed the next three payments". I said Elliot that guy is a dealer or something. Elliot went thru forclosure and finally went by the place to see what condition it was in..... it was gone, burned to the foundations. There were big tanks in the living area and a 2"drain in the middle of the floor! He made out like a bandit on the insurance and selling the land again. it's been pretty quiet around here since then. I live near a town of 20 people, no business except a bar. What else? Fourteen miles away is a town of 1125. It even has a coffee shop w/a commercial espresso machine.