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Nov 12, 2005
Here's the jist of it... I am 20 years old and have been a barista since I was 16. I work at a little coffee shop in a soon to be amazing location. I have heard that my boss is wanting to sell it because of one reason or the other (not really relative). Well, I have always wanted to own a coffee house and figured this may be my oppurtunity. Although I have quite a bit of experience making coffee, I have none when it comes to running a shop. I was just wondering...where do i start if this does go through? Do I stick with the same coffee (Tully's), do I roast my own? If so, what is the best kind of coffee to use? Where do I find the best roasters, and machines (they are quite old)? I am a mother of a 7 month old that is going to school for a nursing degree. Would I even have the time?Someone please help...

Jumpin Java Bean

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May 27, 2005
First comes Aavery, right? It's hard to imagine doing all three - the biz can be more than full time easily, an your baby can be 24/7. All this and go to school? I get it about the soon to be great location - but before all those other questions (use this forum, the scaa forum, and the specialty coffee forum) figure out some core priorities. Good Luck.
Agree with Jumpin'. Manage the demands on your time. If your current customers like Tully's don't switch. It is hard enough taking on a new business without having to worry about winning back customers you might have alienated. Make the cut-over as smooth as you can, then figure out what you can handle.

In that vein, don't pick up roasting until you have a handle on your business. You only have so many hours. The most critical constraint on your life is time.

Running a business is a handful. Treat yourself as the CEO. There are things you do well and others you are going to suck at. Hire people to do the stuff you suck at - because you probably won't enjoy those tasks, you won't do them well and they will take more of your time than they are worth. If you hate bookkeeping, hire a part time bookkeeper. If you love bookkeeping and can't stand customers, hire someone to manage customers and stay in the back office. You get the idea.

All that said, owning your own business is the second American dream. Best of luck to you.


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Dec 4, 2005
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Ask you boss no to check out an ESOP program which allows your employer to sell part or all of the business to there employee.

might be an idea, I would worry about the other stuff later.