Any bikini coffee shop owners here?

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I was trying to think of an analog to my idea that doesn't give away my brilliant plan, haha. I came up with this. I call the shop Daisy's coffee. I go through the permit process without mentioning the uniforms the baristas will be wearing. It turns out that the uniform is short jean shorts and a halter top, Daisy Duke style. Community members complain and whatever happens, happens, but I'm not guilty of breaking any known rules. And, I can always adjust the dress code a little. i.e., T shirts vs halter tops, longer shorts.
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I do remember hearing about this but I think this is apples to oranges. I'm asking how would the language in the city code look that bans this?
Well it points to the inadequacies of any city code wording to prevent lawsuits. If someone is upset enough they will give you a hard time of some sort. (But often, that is what tells you that you have a good idea!)
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I judged from the video at the bottom of their page that they were in fact doing what you hope to do. Was thinking you might want to call and learn what hoops they had to jump through.
The difference is that the attire is given away by the name of the business. I may be too hung up on the fact that attire is not even hinted at in the name of my business being an advantage for me to obtain a permit. My idea is a new, significant twist on the bikini barista business model, I think. Once/if I'm up and running, that will no longer be an advantage to avoiding public scrutiny.
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haha that's awesome. I won't be using this name though. I was just saying that the connection between the name and the attire is about as strong as the name Daisy and bootie shorts. If the name was Daisy Duke's Coffee, that would be entirely different.
I'm expecting to get some hate for this question. I'm thinking about opening a coffee shop with baristas wearing sexy outfits. I don't want to be too specific, but the uniforms will be something between bikinis and starbuck's wear in terms of how revealing they are. The name of the shop will not contain any hints as to what the workers will wear.

My questions:

1. At what point, if at all, am I obligated to inform the municipality of what the baristas will be wearing?

2. If I don't perceive a need to tell the municipality of the workwear, can I be shut down by the municipality after the fact when they find out what the workers are wearing?

Incidentally, this is taking place in the pacific northwest, birthplace of the bikini coffee bar as I understand it. However, there are none of these shops in the municipality where I want to open one check here
  1. It's important to check your municipality's regulations on dress codes for food service establishments. Consult with legal professionals or local licensing departments for guidance.
  2. Failure to comply with dress code regulations, if they exist, could result in fines, license revocation, or other penalties. Negative community perception may also impact your business. Research thoroughly and consider community feedback before proceeding.
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