Cant make a decent cup at work :(

Can you make good coffee with a caffetierre

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Dec 8, 2004
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Can anyone tell me how to make a better cup of coffee in a plunger??

I love coffee from a filter machine, even the cheapest £6 models from Argos makes a quality brew.
But at work, no matter what beans I use, I can never get a decent brew.

At home I make a nice deep, cleared, filtered coffee, with a proper 'costa shop' taste.
At work, I have dusty, bitter swill that has sludge on the bottom of every cup, and tastes vile. I have to go to the coffee vending machine just to get my taste buds back!

I thought maybe I had gone off coffee after 3 years of drinking the real stuff, but after buying a coffee machine at home I couldnt get enough.

Any tips appreciated, maybe I'm asking too much of my caffetierre??
It sounds like the grind is too fine and that the coffee is stale.
Try again with fresh roasted coffee, ground just prior to brewing. Grind tol a coarse setting - just a bit coarser than percolator. Press the plunger down slowly, after steeping for three minutes.