Certified fair-trade & organic coffees small batch roast


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Mar 30, 2005
Minneapolis, MN
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Any shop owners looking for a different line of specialty coffee? All coffees are small batch roasted everyday. Our roastmasters cup every bag of green coffee to make sure you get the best roasted coffees.

Origin offerings: Bolivian, Brazilian, Colombian, Costa Rican, Ethiopian Yirgacheff, Ethiopian Harrar, Guatamalan, Mexican, Nicaraguan, Papua New Guinea, Peruvian, Sumatran, & East Timor.
Blends: Breakfast blend & Espresso blend
Decafs: Breakfast, Timor, Espresso

Direct link is: http://www.upnorthcoffee.com/site/937651/page/502071

Our current offerings may include some or all of the above. More and more farms are becoming certified on a routine basis. We look forward to offering them to you as they become available.