Chantico and The Evil Entity

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Jan 30, 2005
Clevland, Ohio USA
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Anyone try this yet? I hate to give more $ to $bux. I heard this is not new, they just took another existing concept to their marketing dept. Anyone know any supplier that carries anything close?

Friends Don't Let Friends Drink $tarbuck$!


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I tried it today. It's pretty good, but a little too sweet for my taste. There are a few high end chocolate companies that sell hot chocolate mix, but they are very expensive. Jacques Torres sells them, so do MarieBelle Hot Chocolate, and L.A. Burdick Hot Chocolate For Home. Essentially what they are selling is finely chopped chocolate. Although they are all way better than Starbucks your cost might be too high to be in the $2.75 per 8 oz area. You can make it yourself. It's much cheaper and only a little more time consuming than using pre-packaged shaved chocolate. You will need a dedicated hot chocolate warmer, unless you want to do what Starbucks do - use the steam wand to heat the hot chocolate :twisted:

Below is a link for a Cioccolato Caldo recipe, fancy way of saying hot chocolate.

I have tried the recipe, but felt the sugar and cocoa powder are not needed if using a good bittersweet such as Guittard. Also instead of regular chili powder, I use grounded Chipotle pepper powder.

I am actually grateful of Starbucks, now people won't think I am nut charging $3.50 for hot chocolate.

Now, you want my soy milk recipe :grin:?