Cimbali M1 continuous beeping


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Nov 19, 2022
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Cimbali M1 continuous beeping

Machine was in milk wash cycle when power cut out. After repowering machine display is blank, no activity and continously beeps

Any help would be appreciated, especially a service manual
I realize that I am late to the party with this answer but It may help someone else.

La Cimbali Super-auto machines like the M1 are generally stable and reliable performers, nevertheless, on occasion, weird stuff can happen.
Generally, if you can't find an electro-mechanical problem with the machine (for example: Stuck valve, clogged port, dead heater, etc...) you can look to a board reset as a hail Mary solution.
More often than not, the board reset will restore the desired behaviour.

You will need to perform a board reset. To do this you must flip one of the pins on the boards DIP switch.
After the machine programming will need to be reset. Fortunately this is not too difficult and should not take more that 20 minutes or so.

I am uploading the tech manual with instructions on how to to do this. See Page 20.


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