Closing my Franchise

Hi ajpratt!

Somehow I got the impression that this forum is to share ideas and experiences AND information that could be passed along about a specific issue that the poster is facing. I know some posters want everything they need handed to them for free, without any effort on their part. But I don't think most of them expect that!

And, I respectfully say that some posters here make their living by consulting, it would be vulgar for me to expect them to give me all of the answers or do all the work for me for free. I am thakful that they respond to ANY of my posts.

I do not expect ALL the answers or All the work done for me for free!!!

I would like to get ideas from the professionals and beginners involved in THIS forum. I know I have to pay consultants for information when contracted for, but if members of this forum are not interested in passing along any free information, then perhaps they should just say "I can give you that information for a fee" straight up. I have many consultants available to me, as most posters probably do. I also value honest opinions about the question I need answered. IMHO I personally see no need for anyone to be condescending. When I said "condescending" it was not about the total responses given, just about the "thinly disguised" need to buy the infomation. As I said, I know I need to and must buy lots of infomation. I have already done that and will continue to do so. But I thought this forum was a special place for the sharing of this information. I apologize if I have asked for information that any of the responders thought I should be buying, or they thought I was just too lazy to locate somewhere else.

And I also loved CafeBlue's quote:

The internet has provided many opportunities for collaborative change, but caveat emptor - free advice is sometimes not worth even as much as one paid for it!

Free advice must be taken as such. I take it as such. But I would like to have some of it from members of this forum!!! The coffee industry is tightly knit, and I appreciate that and would like to be a part of it.


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Mar 7, 2007
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Oh, boy... I am sorry, but I was actually responding to imonlyfamous's post. Sorry if you took it to heart because I wasn't disagreeing with you at all.

I just think that if the poster is looking for info and someone offers their services (free or not) I don't think they should bash them on the boards. Just delete the email or report the spam if that's how they feel. Of course we depend on those who volunteer their experience as well as the fresh perspective of the "newbies" (like me). I just thought it was funny how rude the OP was after asking for help. But that's just my interpretation.

Believe me, I have received my fair share of curt responses. Like I said, its tough to convey emotion. But then again you are right, you do have people who just like to make others feel like crap.

Again, my apologies, I was not directing my post at you. :D