Coffee shops want to mix my coffee themselves


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Jun 2, 2023
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Roughly since the pandemic receded I notice most coffee shops want to pour the cream into my coffee and stir it. They don't want to let me do this. A few places still have a carton of half'n'half and some jars of sugar and the customer can do his/her own mixing. Most places though, it's like they don't want to put much cream in the coffee, and they don't want any input from me when they mix it. I have to get pushy to get a decent cup of coffee.

Everywhere I run into this I ask why are they doing this. Without fail I get what seems to be obfuscation:
- it's to prevent spread of COVID (seems like BS since most staff not wearing masks)
- it's corporate policy (this in Starbucks branded stores)
- it's easier for us (the vendor)

Answers like this. I ask them if it's just a way to save money since they all seem to think 25 mL of cream in a 20 OZ coffee is reasonable. But "Oh no" it isn't that.

So I wonder if other people are running into this?

And I do not include Tim Hortons in the matter because Tim Hortons has always done this, it even has measured cream dispensing machines... you know what you are getting at Tims.

Something else I noticed...

Places that have the half'n'half and sugar out for customers to access are very clearly indie - most of them I know from years past. But small chains, regional chains, "trendy" coffee shops without fail have this "hide the condiments" policy.

So I also wonder if I have discovered a way to identify so-called "Stealthy Starbucks" coffee shops, what with Starbucks being the most obfuscatory about this policy.

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