Coffee and fine Tobacco's. Cant beat it.

Do you smoke a pipe?

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Jan 8, 2005
Bend, Oregon
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I have a coffee kiosk, and I love a good cigar or pipe. Naturally I arrived at the conclusion that it would be a damn smart thing (with pipe smoking on the rise in the younger population) to integrate fine pipe tobacco and cigars into my drive thru kiosk.

What'chall think?



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I was in the cigar business for over seven years and there are very few pipe smokers. The few that I know all seem to order they're tobacco online sources. It's going to very hard for you to stock everything that a pipe smoker might want....seems that they always want what you don't have.

You'll also need to get an OTP licence (other tobacco products) and charge the correct tax rate for your state.

In short, you may think it's a good idea...but it's not. You may even drive away some coffee drinker who don't want to support a pipe business.

By the way, I'm smoking a Partigas Short and drinking some wonderful dark roast Brazilian right now.