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Mar 14, 2006
Issaquah, WA
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I am getting ready to open up my mobile espresso and am looking for a supplier. Do some of these supply the training as well. I am looking for a good reputable coffee supplier, and all the coffee machines, grinders, espresso machines etc. I live in the Seattle area- Eastside.
i've been out of the retail scene a while. if memory serves, coffee bean international is up there, as well as seattles best. both used to-- and i know SBC is still in the show-- do equip, maintenance and training as well as beans.

seattle though... there should be about a couple thousand resources for you up there. don't just rely on us global web guys. ask around. i'm sure somebody's aunt, uncle, cousin, neighbor can hook you up. just get some client references, demos and get it in writing.
Hi, I roast coffee in Edison Wa. another small town in WA. I custom roast java for my customers( friends) and I have a killer espresso trailer; so I know allot about what you are trying. Also I distribute two lines of espresso machines ( that can save you money) Please contact me. m I already post you as NW JAVA, too.

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I am debating wether to have someone like the Coffee Guy of Idaho or espresso outfitters install the equipment- sinks, fridge etc. I am getting a quote of 23,400. Don't you think it would be more most effective to do it ourselves? Or, do you have an opinion on this. Not sure what route to go.
I am also visiting a coffee roaster tomorrow D'Arte but would be interested in talking to you as well -Le Crema Coffee. and about the espresso machines.