Coffee Beanery


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May 15, 2005
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If it's the Coffee Beanery in Michigan, yeah...went there. It was horrible. Awesome building, awesome decor, awful espresso...or awful barista's. I read their board, ordered a grande latte with an extra shot, and the girl behind the counter said they go by ounces, not shots..."so you want 3 ounces" Whatever,...then my husband ordered a double latte, and she corrected him too, and argued, and laughed at us,...I didn't say a word
got into the car and it tasted like 3 ounces of crap. They also put whip on my 3 ounce latte. Go figure. my humble opinion....and crabby roads


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Aug 14, 2003
Boca Raton
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We go by ounces?? OMG! That is too funny!! As to the coffee beanery...that is a pretty generic name....Is it a large chain or just a bunch of indies...if it is a chain...hate the chain not the name