Coffee brewing system for coffee bar?


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Oct 11, 2005
Pawling, NY
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We're in the final prep stages of opening our new coffee bar and I'm not sure which coffee brewing system to buy for the regular coffee -- Bunn or Curtis have been suggested by our supplier and I've looked at them but don't know if I need one or two brewers and whether levered airports are OK -- whether they should be stainless or glass inside --- so many options! Any help would be appreciated.
We have a Nuovo Simonelli espresso maker if anyone is interested in discussing that. Thanks,


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Wow, we are almost neighbor. It would help if you let us know what kind of volumn you are anticipating? Do you have peak hours, or is it steady all day? How often you plan to dump the old coffee, and brew new one? How many dripped coffee you plan to have, how many regulars, decafs, and flavored? Do you plan to put airpots out so customers serve themselves or do you plan to pour coffee per order? Assuming your place is new, and you need to build up your clientel, and you'll have slow times as well as peak hours, you might want to look into brewing system that can do 1/2, full and 1.5 gallon. If you are going to have flavored coffees, use one basket, and one brew head for it. Don't mix that one with your regular and decaf. Once the brewers are set up, make sure you test and adjust the water, brewing time, grind setting until the coffee is to your satisfaction. Same with your espresso machine.

I have two Grindmaster brewers, each with two brew heads, both brewers have heat plates and stainless steel shuttles. I brew two regulars and one decaf each day. Most of the time, one brewer is used as a shuttles station, but there are times, all four are brewing coffee and I am still cannot keep up. Too bad, it happens only once in a blue moon. I am thinking about switching to either Fetco cbs 2042, or similar systems with vacuum insulated satellite coffee dispensors.

Good luck and stop by Hartford when you have a chance.