FOR SALE: Cold Brew / Cold Drip Japanese Style Coffee Maker (4 x 1500cl)


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Nov 16, 2017
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I have a Cold Drip coffee maker for sale.

It is used: We used it in our shop for 6 months, but due to strong seasonality we closed our store and now this machine is for sale. It is in great condition and looks like new really. It is all glass, stainless metal and high quality wood. We added pictures but if you need more let us know, we can do a live video as well and answer all your questions if you'd like.

I offer free delivery anywhere in the EU and the price is £650.

This is a Japanese-style coffee maker which puts an impressive 6 litre Dutch Coffee per set in four separate 1.5 litre reservoirs. This allows you to prepare coffee with four different beans. This design is from Kyoto, Japan and is so popular that some call the whole coffee method "Kyoto Drip coffee". This machine is a very impressive appearance in your kitchen / living room to impress your friends, guests and family and to treat yourself to fantastic coffee everyday, but any hotel, restaurant or large coffee specialist will benefit from it as well. It catches the guests' eyes. IT IS A VERY IMPRESSIVE MACHINE

It takes about 8-10 hours for 6 litres of coffee to be made if all 4 reservoirs used at once.
We would suggest to use a 1:10 ratio to guarantee quality. (e.g.: 150 grams of coffee for 1.5 litre)
The best for cold brew is to use lightly roasted and medium coarse coffee beans (of course as fresh as possible) to get the maximum, natural, raw taste of coffee.

Cold brew coffee is full with anti-oxidants.

For more tips or details you can contact us anytime.

We used it in our shop for 6 months only, but due to the strong seasonality we decided to close our store; our business plan failed and now we need to sell the machine. It is in great condition and as described, we can do (live) video or more photos if you'd like.

The price is well below the original market price of ~1000 EUR because we urgently need the money.


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Jan 22, 2021
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Wow! I've been looking for it for ages! I hope you haven't sold it yet. The first time I tried japanese coffee, I fell in love with it. I didn't know that their way of making coffee differs from ours. I've read about japanese siphon coffee maker on More than that, this blog has inspired me to discover the beauty of this country. Therefore, the texture of this coffee is so nice and unique at the same time. It is definitely worth the money. The siphon gives it this bright flavour, so will not achieve this taste with a regular coffee machine. Anyway, let me know if it is still available!
I didn't know that it's so special! Can we talk in PM about it?