Coffee Brewing Tips


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Feb 25, 2008
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Everyone has their own way of personalizing coffee, but here are a few basic tips to get started:
Great brewed flavor begins with fresh coffee. When using whole bean coffee, try to grind immediately before brewing. Protect the freshness of whole bean and ground coffees by storing in an airtight container.

Always start with fresh, cold water. Since brewed coffee is over 98% water, the quality of water affects flavor. Use bottled or filtered water if tap water is not high quality.

The proportion of coffee to water is very important. We recommend using two tablespoons for every six ounces of water to extract the full flavor of our coffees. If your brewed coffee tastes too strong, add small amounts of hot water to taste. Using too little coffee can result in over-extraction of the coffee and bitterness in the cup. Using a coffee scoop will ensure your accuracy.

Check the water temperature of your brewing equipment. Ideal brew temperature of water is 195-200 degrees Fahrenheit. When using a french press, or plunge pot, water should be heated in a kettle and poured just off-boil. Boiling water should never come in contact with the coffee grounds.

Coffee is best if served immediately after brewing, and will retain its peak flavor for up to 20 minutes on the warmer. We recommend you transfer your brewed coffee to a thermal carafe to hold for a longer period of time.

Dont forget to take care of your equipment! A clean coffee brewer is critical to great tasting coffee. Periodically, use a mild detergent or baking soda to remove build-up, film and oil.

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