coffee cart, espresso Machine and Roaster for Sale Los Angeles, CA


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Apr 19, 2013
Hey Guys,

I have some equipment that i am trying to move. we outgrew some of this stuff and ventured a little much. I have a 5 lb. Primo roaster in great condition. probably about 2,500-3,000 pounds through it. I am the second owner. It works great but is just a little small for us we upgraded to a 25 lb. Diedrich. plenty of room to grow with this one. I am including the cyclone as well as all of venting for it from the machine to cyclone as well as the exhaust double walled vents. this stuff is all Building code approved. asking $7,800.00 for the roaster.
I have a Rancilio Classe 8 espresso machine. works well just had a $1,000.00 service on it. completely scraped the boiler. real work house, no problem for that coffee shop with 300+ cups a day output. Asking $3,700.00 for it. comes with 4 portafilters and blind basket.
I also have a coffee cart for sale that we considered to fix and run at a local spot but didn't have the time or the funds to get that business going yet. Cart needs some cleanup and connections. I think a few hundred would get all the electrical and plumbing fixed on it. This cart is ready to rock and roll. I also have another Cimbali fully automatic double grinder machine that could work with it. about to pick it up from service also. Asking for the cart $2,200.00 I think the Cimbali is work about $3,000.00 not sure what i would sell it for but maybe package this with the cart. would be great.

I am open to offers or packaging some stuff together. please either email me at or call me at 818 458 7861.



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Feb 28, 2008
Near Philadelphia, PA
Hello "abrutzi"

When you sell your items, please post a message here. That way people won't keep asking about them.

As time goes on, it may be better if you list each item separately.