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Aug 11, 2004
North Georgia, USA
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This is cool stuff -

Ever notice how coffee "dust" cakes up on your grinder? We grind truck-loads and the stuff gets everywhere - especially caked on to the grinder chute. And when we are filling the plastic paks, the static has that dust dancing and making a mess.

Well, GSB & Associates released a new product called "Coffee Cleaner" which is a colorless, ordorless, water-soluable liquid that, when added to beans, allows them to push through the grinder virtually "dust" free.

It is FDA & Kosher approved. When added at 1/2 teaspoon per lb. of coffee beans, it is totally un-noticeable. It has no effect on the resulting ground coffee, but the whole grinding and packaging process is much cleaner. I haven't studied it, but I suspect it is healthier for the inner workings of the grinder as well.

You can order a sample from Paula at GSB:
Phone: 770.424.1886
email: [email protected]
on the web at:

By the way, I have absolutely no affiliation with this company, other than purchasing flavors from them. My post is intended to share the information and I receive NO renumeration for it whatsoever.[/b]