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Aug 23, 2004
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To all of you that LOVE COffEE,

What are the most unusual places (businesses, events, or just anywhere) where you have found coffee for sale, like driks or any kind of coffee for sale? Did you like the fact that the product was there?

This question is to help me find new trends in the industry

Thanks for your opinion!
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That is good creativity

Oh man I like that!

I think you are setting high standars for the typical coffee shop. I think costumers enjoy a good coffee drink while doing something out of the ordinary. Where are you located?

Thanks for your respose!


Np Greg, I'm located in Tacoma Wa.

Yeah, it wasn't too bad, I was able to fabricate the main serving area at the shop, then build out the rest, there was some unusual obstructions I had to work around with it and the client set up a custom awning structure around it as well.

I've modified rv's, trailors, vans, etc. as well, but none were all together unique. I've decided to get back into fiberglass and have a 78 gmc pick up begging to be modified, perhaps I'll make a coffee cup shaped espresso wagon out of it 8) .