Coffee for dessert.


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Sep 19, 2008
New Zealand
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Actually both my wife and I find coffee after 3 pm dangerous. So I stooped to using some decaf the other day .... oops did I say the wrong thing :oops:
Try this anyway, two small scoops of soft french vanilla ice cream, one shot of any coffee lequeur, a dollop (thats similar to a whallop but creamier) of freshly whipped cream, and a 30 ml double shot of fresh thick espresso over the top. Dust with choc if you must and two fresh red cherries on top.
Make up your own variation with anything whatsoever thou wishest, but just get that esp :D resso on top will ya.


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Sep 4, 2008
Deep South, GA
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I also do something like this a few times a week to cut back on ice cream and other sweets. I like to brew up about 5 cups of dark roast coffee double strength in my drip maker, add a couple packs of Sweet N' Low, stick it in a thermos and pop it in the fridge. Then, during the week, I'll take a large glass, fill it halfways with my cold coffee concentration, fill the rest with cold milk and add some whipped cream on top. Good stuff!!!