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Mar 7, 2003
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Coffee Forums Promotional Materials is proud to announce the arrival of new promotional materials for our readers to use and request to help promote this site. We have two kinds of promotional materials, web-based banner images and the physical advertisement promotional cards that all of our readers may request and we will mail out to them.

The promotional business cards are full colored front with a sharp, eye-catching logo and the back contains information about the site. These cards are intended for placement in coffee shops all around the globe. We’re finding that coffee shop owners are proud to promote because they are pleased with the additional promotion they receive from their clientele posting positive reviews about that particular coffee shop. Coffee shop owners and those who commonly go to coffee shops may request a packet of promotional business cards for

We’ve also prepared a document, which you can easily print out and show, to the coffee shop employees and owners stating the advantages of promoting in any coffee shop! Download and Print - Available in Word Format.

The cards are as shown below are the size/dimension of standard business cards so they easily fit on any counter, business card rack, billboards/bulletin boards and any other place.


The cards are sent out in bundles of 15 per request. If you’re a devoted poster, or someone who really works the coffee shops around town you can request more than one packet of the promotional cards. If you’d like to contact us directly please e-mail [email protected]. By using the form below you may submit your request for the promotional business cards. We will send these cards to anywhere in the world where coffee shops and coffee outlets are located.

Click Here to Request Free Coffee Forum Promotion Cards!