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Jul 24, 2020
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In order to drink aromatic, excellent and expressive coffee, you do not have to invest in an expensive coffee machine. Yes, the latter makes the mornings a bit easier, but spending no more than PLN 35, you will have excellent coffee in your home. It is enough to buy a coffee maker. Today I will tell you how to brew coffee in it to enjoy the full flavor ...
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Coffee from a coffee maker ...
saves very early mornings. Unfortunately my coffee machine is a bit too noisy. So, not wanting to wake my family at the pale dawn, I just reach for the coffee maker. Its other names are moka, cafeteria or makinetka. I wrote more about it before (see: the history of the coffee maker), here I just add that it is one of the easiest ways to make perfect coffee in your home. You just have to remember a few important points ...

To prepare coffee from the coffee maker ...
you need a coffee maker, hot water, the right coffee and a heat source. Ot. So much!

coffee from a coffee maker

What coffee for the coffee maker?
the answer is also simple - properly ground. To make things easier, coffee producers often mark it already on the packaging ...

coffee from a coffee maker

I have in my hands Cafe extreme moka Special Coffee from (if I give you a taste, go to their website, they have a nice promotion for this coffee!) It has flavors that I love. What can I say, acid aromas are not for me. It's supposed to be nutty-chocolate-earthy. And that's exactly the case with Cafe extreme moka. It is a blend composed of beans from selected plantations of the best Brazilian, Central American, Asian and African coffees. And as you can see, the manufacturer has indicated on the packaging, both in the form of a pictogram and in words, that the coffee is properly ground for the coffee machine.

What water for the coffee maker?
best filtered and… hot. Yes! The temperature is important because the most important thing is the brewing time in the coffee maker. Also remember to pour water only to the level of the safety valve. Pouring more can do some damage. In the coffee pot, the brew is produced under the influence of high pressure ...

coffee from a coffee maker

How much coffee should be put into a coffee maker?
pour the coffee into a metal basket and put it on a container with water. There must be enough coffee to fill the basket to the brim. Importantly, we do not churn it!

coffee from a coffee maker

What do we do next?
we put the top part of the coffee maker on, tightly twist it and put it on the heat source. In a few moments, we can enjoy an aromatic and strong infusion. You can drink it solo, when too strong, add a little hot water, then we have americano. When we throw in a chocolate cube and add milk foam on top, we have cafe mocha. And if we have strongly frothed milk at hand - we can conjure up cappuccino or flat white. See how simple it is? It's just a matter of proportion and ... what kind of coffee do you currently want ...

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