Coffee in Iraq


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Sep 16, 2005
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Greeting to all of you who Know me from

I would like to take time to let people know about the coffee we have been getting over here in Iraq that people have been sending us and we have been buying. For thoes of you who are or were military you know that in the feild and being deployed COFFEE IS EVERYTHING!!! need it, want it, cant live with out it.

Here are my reviews and ratings for coffee and beans

1 = bad

10 = best,

0 = dont even think about it.

1. Army coffee. um ya rating = 0

2. Dunken Donught not when its not fresh from the shop = 3

3. Seattles Best bitter coffee not really a all day coffee = 4

4. StarBucks not really good but located every where, to over rated and the coffee is often burnt = 4

5. Folgers it is ok = 5

6. Tulleys good coffee friendly staff = 6

7. Yuban very good for store bought ground this is the brand I buy when buying from the grocery store = 8

8. Backdorf and Bronson pretty good coffe I have not really had to may diffrent types of thier beans= 8

9. Down town Michigan Roast very good coffee and good for the drip pot with all the types of beans, nice selection = 9

10. Victrola Coffee very good coffee great selection of beans and all types are good for the drip pot and for the french press. With these beans you do not really need an espreso machine. Staff is very friendly when speaking to them on the phone. Rating = 10.

When I get back from Iraq I will be visiting the diffrent coffee shops from around the Washington area. First stop is Victrola.

If I missed a brand please let me know and I will try to get it and try it out.



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Nov 8, 2004
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There are some of us who post here also support the Coffee Geek site.

If you would PM me or just a plain Email I would be VERY Happy to send you a couple of pounds to try! I am a veteran of the first Desert Storm and also a coffee roaster so I can relate!

I got my taste for espresso in Italy in the mid 80's and a Great Cappucino and Lattes while stationed in Germany too. Starbucks didn't exist when I went to Europe in 1986 at least not by me, they were everywhere when I got back from Desert Storm.

It was my job to get the coffee brewed for my FDC squad leader while in the "Field" training in Germany against an invasion by the USSR through the Fulda Gap. (A whole different world then) I found that I got treated better if I brought coffee from a German store than when I would aquire some from the mess section!

I may not support the current President but I will ALWAYS support the Men and Women who answer the call to Duty!

Be safe and remember


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Sep 16, 2005
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I posted in the coffee poll and I posted that I like a coupple of the diffrent beans that are out there my favorite is the New Guinea and Ethiopian. But like I said after being in Iraq for 2 deployments (one year each time)you learn to like whatever you can get.

One person said that he was going to send me a whole bunch of some of the best coffee ever, so I was like thats cool and I could not wait to get some more coffee because we were runnign alittle low of the good stuff. Finaly it came in and with a big smile on my face and everyone gatherd round as I opend the box....(you could have heard a pin drop when we all saw what was in side of the box and the looks on our faces were priceless, a true kodak moment)..... the first thought was where is the coffee then I realized that there were big yellow M's on all the little pakets in the box, I thought what type of coffee is this?, who puts a big yellow M on all thier pakets of coffee and surgar and creamer? We all just stood there for a few moments looking at these little packets and the foil packets of coffee. Then it slowly dawned on me as I heard a giggle comming from one of the guys that was looking in the box. I took a closer look and then pure shock set in as I realized that I had recived (you geussed it) MacDonalds Coffee pakets with MacDonalds surgar and creamer packets. I laughed so hard I droped the box and everything went accross the floor. I laughed for a good while along with all the other guys in my office. I tell you that was the talk of our little part of Baghdad for quite some time. LOL MacDonalds Coffee in Iraq.

Thats all for now.



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Jan 5, 2006
Seattle, WA
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McDonalds Coffee in Iraq


That story is priceless!!! Are you from Washington State? I work for Bean Collection which is a small roaster in Seattle, WA. Let me know if you're interested in some samples. Thank you so much for the job you do!!! Take care and God Bless!