coffee & poetry are like twins


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Jul 1, 2006
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Yes - I know the title is a little odd - but sip your coffee and enjoy...

Human Body Parts Talking to Each Other
in the Refrigerator

(First published in Other Voices Literary Magazine,
online edition)

The earth got lost and couldn't find its orbit around the sun, then your refrigerator opened its huge gigantic mouth and began licking the moon, the traffic driving by became thousands of restless syllables trying to bash out of your head, then your building jumped on a molecule and floated away to one of your memories, and nobody could find the ground because the earth was lost inside a poem so everybody floated away into the ocean of black coffee that surrounded the earth and drowned and the poem whirled out of control of the Poet and ate a huge hole through the sky and all the suns poured transvestites all over the earth and then everything began floating out of your house and the poem became a car crash
Copyright 2004 by Wolf Larsen. All Rights Reserved.