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Jul 1, 2006
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A Baby is an Old Man in a Second

I write my poems with your flesh oozing and dancing out of my pen, suddenly everybody's pregnant and there are thousands of buildings sprouting out of the walls in your living room and your girlfriend's tummy begins growing like a monologue, suddenly poems start shooting out of every floating molecule and poems are floating out of every animal and every plant and every person because everything on the earth is festering with poetry, you begin kissing all the lines of poetry until you are a circle, everyone is mailing you their own personal sky, so you're driving alongside the Mekong in Laos in a motorcycle and the people stare with thousands of eyes crawling all over your white skin forever, and if you think nuclear war can never happen sit at that gray pond in Treblinka – everything horrible can happen.

Copyright 2004 by Wolf Larsen

(First published in Kritya literary magazine, India)

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dark poetry
Dark Poetry ...

... is like dark coffee. Best drunk black and hot.

Mr. Larsen, I don't know how you found this forum but you sure give it a goose. I'm new here too and have been dropping a little Shark wisdom here and there. It sort of creeps out of my pores, albeit a tad slower than yours. Still, I can relate to your words.

Don't shy away from our company if some find you a little raw and abrasive. Somehow I think shy and Wolf don't share the same airspace. For me, I welcome you to my coffee universe.



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Oct 4, 2007
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This is the type of introspection that certainly deserves a warm welcome.
The coffee forum member that dares to venture beyond such a topic as "How many cups do you drink?".

You won't find any of his books on my shelves, but posts like Mr. Larson's are absolutely a part of the coffee chatter that I like to see. Give me something to ponder while I'm getting my morning coffee buzz on.

While still observing forum rules, we should be allowed to venture off topic a bit and share some of the inner workings of the human mind. After all, doesn't a coffee break offer a chance to relax and get our thoughts together?

Too bad it's been nearly a year since his last post......