Coffee Prevents Muscle Pain During Exercise


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Sep 8, 2003
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Reported in this month's (March 2004) Runner's World Magazine:

Caffeine blocks adenosine from activating pain response in nerve fibres, thus reducing pain.....
I do remember caffeine being an important ingredient to note for pain releif medicine.

They use the caffeine for its pain releif properties, the cause for concern is that for heachaches caffeine will augment the pain and duration of the headache.
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Caffeine and Headaches

It can help or hurt, depending.

My wife drinks 1 cup of my coffee/day to help prevent her migranes, but, in some individuals, coffee can induce headaches.
Hmmm, I can see that the caffeine helps block the pain receptors, also any extra liquid helps flush lactic acid. And warn liquid (coffee) helps warm up a sore body. On the down side, coffee can dehydrate you and work against flushing lactic acid if you are not also drinking water or similar.
Agreed with Fireball1234 on the dehydration thing -- after my two morning cups I end up drinking a 1.5L of water throughout the day to rehydrate (plus it's just healthy). I know I'm probably drinking more than I need to but I've kind of taken a liking to drinking lots of water now...
I have heard similar things too. But from my opinion, its really hard to find out if it is fact or not unless the source of information has some authority. Whatever the result is, i might not give up drinking 4/5 cups of coffee per day :)
Interesting.....A coca-cola always feels good after a workout. just kidding; but I wouldn't take caffine pills after a workout anyway. The muscle soreness helps me go to sleep. yogaflooring com
The headache thing makes sense, as I sometimes get a headache if I haven't had enough caffeine. But I'm having a hard time believing that about pain from running. The only thing I know of to minimize running pains is properly stretching before and after. I'd be interested to read the actual article instead of just a quote pulled from it.
Well I guess you learn something every day never new this, but if you told someone a glass of water has a pain reliever in it it might work just as well. Still interesting though.
While I don't believe everything I read on the internet... This one may have some truth behind it check these out:

Study Shows Caffeine Boosts Pain Relief | The Hub |

Coffee helps douse workout pain - Health - LiveScience | NBC News

The second link is a major news network, so they "usually" don't lead you wrong....

And of course for headaches has already been well established:

Migraines, Headaches, and Caffeine

I haven't gone for a bike ride in a while, but I remember having a cup of coffee after I got back was the best part...
look into getting taurine in bulk, preliminary research shows that caffeine paired with taurine (one of the ingredients in red bull) increases athletic performance in a number of ways. Most importantly though, taurine reduced your diastolic blood pressure, and is associated with reduced risk of complications when treating patients with heart attacks