Why is green coffee so effective in supporting the weight loss process


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Mar 23, 2021
Recently, I have received a lot of inquiries about green coffee, what do I think about it and whether it is really that effective. Therefore, my new post will be entirely devoted to green coffee and its extremely valuable properties, especially in terms of weight loss. I hope you will not be scared by the length of the entry, my dear ones, but I would like to provide you with as much information as possible about green coffee itself and my experience with this product. I can assure you that it is worth making it to the end.

Green coffee is known all over the world mainly for its strong slimming properties. Green Coffee 5K has helped millions of people successfully lose weight once and for all. Me and my friend are an example of this, but I will share my observations and weight loss results with green coffee and the Green Coffee 5K product at the end of the post. Now I would like to focus on green coffee itself and its properties and surprising effects on the human body. At the beginning, a few words about the problems with losing kilograms, that is ...

Why can't I lose weight?

Many people believe that overweight and obesity are genetic problems or caused by various diseases. It may be shocking to some, but it is not true. Of course, there are certain conditions that make it much more difficult for us to lose weight and lose weight, but this applies to a really small number of obese people, so I will not consider this issue at all in today's post. The truth is that obesity is a threat to our lives and it causes many diseases and serious diseases, not the other way around!

Other people also believe that they do not need to lose weight and control their diet because they have an excellent metabolism, that is, a fast metabolism, which is also considered by many to be due to genes. This is another myth! First of all, with age, the metabolism slows down, so you should change your eating habits in advance, so that you will not be disappointed later, that although we still do and eat the same, our figure has changed and we have gained extra kilos. It is thanks to the right eating habits that we can accelerate and improve our metabolism (I will write about this issue in the following subsections).

So what is the reason that we cannot lose weight and, despite many attempts, we do not get our dream figure? There is only one answer - our body is clogged with "junk" food that we serve each day. Such products full of chemical preservatives, dyes and other pigs mean that our body is unable to digest them properly, so they are stored in it and clog our liver, intestines and kidneys, significantly reducing the efficiency of these organs, what is more, they are secreted in such a situation harmful toxins that additionally poison our body.

The best solution is to introduce essential and even necessary habit changes, as well as to use appropriate preparations with detoxifying properties that will quickly and effectively cleanse the body in a safe way. The best "cleansing" product that I have tested is Green Coffee 5K. Green coffee, thanks to an internal, fully natural detox, accelerates metabolism and fat burning, which is extremely important when losing weight!

What is green coffee?

The commonly known coffee that we drink every day has a black or brown color, which is why many people think that green coffee is a novelty that has recently been discovered and has such valuable properties. Nothing could be more wrong! Well, green coffee is exactly the same as we know it, only it is still before thermal treatment. This process causes the coffee to acquire a completely different chemical structure and at the same time its properties change. It is worth mentioning here that the Green Coffee 5K dietary supplement, which I have tested, contains an extract in one capsule, which is the equivalent of as much as 5000 mg of green coffee!

How else is green coffee different from "traditional" coffee? All roasted coffee contains cafestol and unroasted (green coffee) does not. As a result, the former tastes bitter and has twice as many irritants. Green coffee also has a much higher content of valuable chloragenic acid (ACG) compared to roasted black coffee. It is a very powerful antioxidant.

Does green coffee make you slimmer?

To be honest, green coffee not only slows you down, but helps our body by effectively cleansing it in the natural fight against excess weight. So, we repair everything that we have previously spoiled by a bad diet and an incorrect lifestyle. Green coffee primarily cleanses our body of all kinds of toxins and dangerous substances that significantly reduce the efficiency and proper functioning of individual organs and the entire body. Thanks to Green Coffee 5K, our digestive system starts to work effectively, metabolism is accelerated and the burning of unnecessary fat. In addition, I would also like to mention that in addition to supporting the weight loss process, green coffee also strengthens our immunity, slows down aging processes (by cleansing the body of free radicals) and benefits people with insulin resistance, which is caused by disturbed glucose balance in the body.

Change in everyday habits

Of course, I can honestly recommend Green Coffee 5K, i.e. green coffee closed in small capsules. It is a very convenient and quick way to cleanse your body every day and effectively fight overweight and obesity. What's more, the first results can be noticed after a month of using the tablets.

However, I must also say that if you are struggling with unnecessary kilograms, unfortunately there is a very high probability that you are responsible for your excess weight and for bringing yourself to such a state. I am almost sure that the main causes of obesity in your case were incorrect eating habits and an inappropriate lifestyle. Changing your eating habits is extremely important, because otherwise, even if you manage to lose weight, you will very quickly experience the so-called yo-yo effect, through which you will return to the weight before weight loss, and maybe even more kilograms.

I don't know if your body will be able to cope with such fluctuations. You must realize that health and a slim figure are not the result of an accident! You have to work yourself to achieve satisfactory results. Nobody will do it for you.

Once again, I would like to emphasize that the stake is not only a beautiful body, but above all your health, because people who are overweight much more often suffer from the so-called civilization diseases and much shorter lives. So how? I think it's worth fighting and getting a little tired? Contrary to appearances, introducing changes in everyday habits is not that scary. Nobody talks about draconian diets that bring only temporary effects. You have to change your life completely and forever. Only in this way will you achieve your intended goal, which will last for a long, long time. Green coffee is the first stage of your changes that should motivate you to introduce more important ones. Swallowing two small capsules of Green Coffee 5K every day is not too much effort, so think about other sacrifices and important changes that, combined with the effective action of green coffee, will bring really surprising results in a short time.




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Oct 9, 2017
Green coffee beans contain a substance called chlorogenic acid (its destroyed when green beans are roasted to remove the bitter taste). In principle chlorogenic acid stops enzymes in the body from making 'fat'. So, assuming it worked as advertised it would be more useful in preventing weight gain, rather than weight loss. The 'scientific studies' carried out - as far as I can tell - on weight control have been carried out on small numbers of people (~30) and under industry influence. So, not impartial, repeated double-blind studies -- the gold standard for determining the true consequences of taking a drug/supplement.

So.....basically its no better or worse than most supplements that carry big claims for weight loss, etc.