🏁 Sold Price Reduced to $150 Cdn - The OE Lido E Espresso Hand Grinder


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May 26, 2018
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The OE Lido E Manual Coffee Grinder (by Orphan Espresso) is designed especially for Espresso, but will grind pour over as well. It’s a great grinder for buffing coffee aficionados, or enthusiasts who want a travel grinder. All of the design and manufacturing quality is focused on the burr set and mechanism, where it belongs.

It features a dual bearing system to deliver the grind consistency required for espresso & Turkish coffee. The grind setting mechanism is based on an extremely fine thread adjustment stack which allows very small particle size changes to be made easily
and repeatably. All of the metal body components are EPD coated aluminum, allowing for a weight similar to our Lido 3 travel grinder. Anti-Static catch jar (50g) & ConeTop™ Portafilter Dosing Tool round out the Espresso centric design of the OE Lido E Manual Coffee Grinder.

The grinders 48mm conical Etzinger Burr Set for the Lido Series Manual Coffee Grinders are made of hardened Tool Steel, manufactured in Lichtenstein. This is a higher quality burr set than is found in many consumer electric grinders.

The grinder is approximately 3 inches x 12 inches and weighs about 1 kg. It is therefore very suitable for both home and travel use.

The grinder has been “seasoned” but has not seen substantial use, as it has been primarily used during travel. A travel case and a neoprene protective case are also included.

OE sells the grinder for $273 Canadian + tax + shipping + customs clearance = $378 (assuming $35 shipping + $35 and customs clearance/duties). Coffee Addicts sells a slightly more current version of the grinder for $380+ tax = $430.

You can have this grinder for $150, as I have priced it to sell. Pricing is firm.

This is all the information I have, so if you have any questions just reread this posting or Google OE Lido E grinder.


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