M1 Racer Hand Grinder by MHW-3BOMBER


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Jan 17, 2018
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I was in the market for a cheaper option for a hand grinder that can handle a wide range of brews. Because I'm on a tight budget, I spend a lot of time searching the internet for the most affordable grinder that can provide me with good pour-overs, aeropress, and can work on my flair signature bottomless. I must say the market has evolved a lot in the last 2-3 years, with a lot more options to choose from.
Anyways, I stumble on a brand called MHW-3BOMBER. The name is a bit confusing, but it turns out they are doing quite well, with great reviews on AE and their Instagram activity being quite impressive.
So after much research, I pulled the trigger on the M1 Racer Grinder. For $54, it is said to be capable of espresso to french press with hexagonal stainless steel 38mm burrs.

M1 Racer Grinder Initial impression:

are fantastic, with a compact, sleek design.
Feel: Very sturdy, I must say; I don't feel that any cheap material has been used anywhere in the grinder. A double-barreled shaft gives a really smooth and enjoyable grinding experience.
Grind: 9-12 for Turkish, 14-17 for espresso (I use 15 for bottomless shots), 24-30 for pour over; I haven't tried French press so far.
Time: It takes about a minute to grind 14 gm for espresso, and 45 seconds to grind 16 gm for a pourover.
Static: some static on the adjustment dial.
Cup: syrupy, full-bodied textures, good overall flavour profile.
Knob: stepped grind adjustment which go for multiple full rotations
Cleaning: multiple full rotations of the adjustment knob will unlock the burrs, and have access to a deep clean.

Overall impression:
I'm quite happy with the grinder. It checks all the boxes for me. It's compact, build quality is awesome, easy to grind, and allows me to grind for multiple brew types.
For the price, I think it's perfect. I'll give it a 9/10.

Do I recommend this grinder? Yes, for travel and to students or who are looking for something budget friendly.
Cheers from a rambling coffee noob!

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Feb 27, 2023
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It can be tough to navigate all the options out there, especially when you're on a tight budget. The M1 Racer Grinder sounds like it's hitting all the right notes for you, which is awesome. And hey, you're getting some syrupy, full-bodied textures out of it? That's what's up! Sounds like a solid choice for anyone looking for something that can handle different brew types.