Coffee Roasting Advice Needed


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Nov 15, 2004
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I am a long time coffee lover and just recently decided to start roasting my own beans. After a little research, I bought a Hearthware I-Roast and a sampler pack of coffee beans plus a couple pounds of other green coffee beans. To date, I have not produced anything that tastes or smells remotely like coffee. The beans get the appropriate attractive color, and look as if they ought to be good but forget it. Unless I roast them really dark, approaching a light vienna, I get a little in the way of aroma and a dirty dish water taste. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks..
What kind of beans are you using? If using decaf - good luck. It is extremely difficult to get a good batch of decaf using the i-Roast. Reason is, decaf produces very little chaff. This might sound a bit incredible, but the i-Roast seems to have been engineered to use chaff from the beans as an airflow-restrictor. Without the restriction, the hot air flows through the roast chamber too quickly and the beans simply don't roast properly.

If using regular beans, this is about what you should see using "pre-set #2":
1.)Total roast time should be about 11mins, 30 secs (dark roast)
2.) Digital readout should go as high as 430 or so (this is not bean temp)
3.) At about 400 degrees (indicated), the roast should progress pretty fast.

This is typical of most decent grade arabica green coffee bean varieties and will not vary by much. Again, if your trying to roast decaf - it is very difficult and you might try restricting the chaff collector screen with aluminum foil (you didn't hear that from me though :grin: ) It is a flaw in the design.