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May 1, 2006
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Hey guys,

I currently have 10 years experience in being a barista, but none in coffee roasting. I am looking to start my own coffee roasting business but obviously want to learn as much as i possibly can about coffee roasting. I realise that, like coffee making, this is a skill that i will be largely developing by myself through trial and error... but i wanna get the best head start as possible. Im going to be travelling shortly so location in the world is not an issue. Im currently looking at the courses offered on

there are 2 three day courses for $1000 each

does anyone know anything about these courses... are they any good... are they worth it? also, if anyone knows any other alternatives that would be great.

thanks heaps!


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I was roasting for about a year when I thought about taking a roasting course at bootcoffee, but I ended up taking a week long course at coffee lab international instead. The only reason was because coffee lab international is close to me. The course started from green beans, then moved to cupping, more cupping, then roasting and cupping and roasting and cupping. We roasted them fast, we roasted them slow, we roasted them light and we roasted them dark, we roasted on two different drum machines, and on a fluid bed Monster (really not a bad machine), we talked about the scientific theory behind roasting...For me it was absolutely worth it. I learned things that will take me a lot trial and error before getting. Next year, I plan to take one at boot.


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Jan 3, 2007
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I am planning to join a coffee roasting course this year in the States. Did you manage to get into one of the course? Is it good and any comments about it?


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May 26, 2008
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Boot Coffee

I attended Willem Boot''s basic and advanced roasting and cupping courses this March/April and I can only recommend them o anyone who is thinking of starting starting a roasting business or at least wants to learn what is behind a great cup of coffee.
The atmosphere is relaxed, the lap perfectly equipped and Willem is more than willing to reveal the secrets of coming up with a great roast.
The money is definitely worth spent and since you are planning to travel a bit and you happen to be in the Bay area you shouldn''t miss out on this.