Coffee Shop / Equipment financing


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Feb 13, 2009
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Dear Members,

I am very happy, finding this forum.

I plan to open a coffee shop in the U.S.. In Germany there it's the possibility , to finance the inventory on breweries. Is this opportunity in the U.S. in the coffee-Biz also possibly on coffee-machine-producers or coffee suppliers? Or do you know some other opportunities for finance a coffee shop, rather the equipment ?

It would be nice, if someone could help.

Many greetings

Jan 18, 2008
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Most lenders here require a history of good credit, a deposit and/or some form of collateral,
a detailed business plan, etc. If you're in Germany, you may need to acquire financing
in that country, based on your credit history there, to start a coffee shop in another country.

BUT, loan options here vary and opportunities are aplenty. Creative thinking and financing
is especially important during these days of recession. Put your mind to it and nothing
is unobtainable, no matter which part of the world you in.

Just my thoughts, a bit scattered perhaps, but that's just me.

Good topic!


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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Sorry I didn't mean to come off rude. Right now hundreds of thousands of people are loosing their homes due to bad financial decision that have been made its even harder now to get a loan in about any field. Its not impossible but as caffe biscotto said your going to have to be very creative in your approach to obtain one.