coffee shop in a VERY seasonal town... your thoughts?


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Sep 11, 2007
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Hi everyone, I will start like most threads here start like...

I''m new and looking at a new business venture...

but to give more detail:
I''m 23 years old, had my own business from 18-21 (gas station/c-store/bait and tackle shop on the ocean) in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I''m currently opening up a few more shops for next season, but all of that is really irrelevant other than simply for background.

My girlfriends mother would love to open a coffee / capp. shop in the area, I told her I would look into it, because finally I have someone to talk to about my non-stop obsession of new business ideas. My father, also getting into small business'', already has an investment in a small coffee shop in a town close by, and we would probably go with the same beens, seeing its a decent brand, and its not green mountain coffee (which is the majority around here, hell even I sell it and drink it).

I am curious if anyone has a shop in a seasonal area?

My season is roughly 3 months... but let me take this down for you:
June - start of season, yet basically useless because everyones kids are still in school, so a good starter season, get ready for business;
July- Yay, we had the forth... where did everyone go? and their back for the last week or so;
August- HOLY $H!T!!! all out craziness.... then September 1st rolls around and every business owner hangs them self because there is... well, no business. end of season.

MY numbers are as such- roughly 1 million people walk by/close by within this season, the rent is roughly 10 grand a season start up costs I think will run me about 5-10k depending on lease or own. I am thinking lease mainly because I want to see how it goes first year, and if it does well, buy new. Also considering buying used for a year to see how it goes.

My question again, is are you seasonal, and if so, how well does it work for you? let me repeat, there is no way this place will work year round. I cant even come up with a metaphor for you to understand how desolate this place can be.
Thank you for reading my jarble and responding.


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Dec 22, 2005
Leesburg, FL
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Seasonal coffee shop

I am the owner of a coffee shop in Central Florida and we are very seasonal 6 months out of the year. Starting in November the snowbirds come down for the winter and the population almost triples. As tax day approaches the snowbirds start heading home and this lasts until the last week in April. The summers here are very slow and depressing since we are 60 miles from either coast and there is no draw for summer tourists here. So far this year it has been worse than the previous year and everyone suffers from the lack of business. Most food service businesses here close for a week or two during the summer and take their vacation. I have been seriously thinking of moving to a place where the population is more stable year round.