Coffee Shop owners willing to be interviewed!!

lauren Imbrockk

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Dec 6, 2004
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For my junior project in highschool we are writing papers on careers that interest us. Iam possibly interested in owning my own sit down coffee shop. Ineed interviews with people who are experts on this topic. If you are interested please private message me your answers ASAP. Thankyou this would be very helpful. But I need your real name and occupation for my citations if possible.

1. Question: What made you take the leap into owning your own business?
2. What are the top 3 things you were interested in learning when thinking about owning your own cafe.
3. Q: What are some valuable lessons that you have learned along the way?
4. Q: How did you prepare to purchase your business?

6. Q: What college classes did you take?
7. Q: I want to sell baked goods with the coffee and tea, what are the rules on baking them yourself?

10. Q: What is the process of getting into the coffee shop industry?
11. Q: What do you enjoy about owning your own business?
12. Q: While putting a lot of time and energy into your business do still have time for family and fun?
13. Q: I really enjoy art and would like to infuse my coffee shop with my artistic talent so it will be really unique and downright hip. Do you find that there are many ways in which to put you personal touch into your coffee shop?

20. Q: Is opening a business something that you can do straight out of college and not go bankrupt?
21. Q: What was your original dream and idea when you decided to buy your own coffee shop?
22. Q: If what I really care about is art is this worth getting into when I’ll have to take business classes in college?
23. Q: In any coffee shops is there ever an instance where there are two owners- one who does the business aspect and the other makes decisions about the physical look of the store and its products like making the coffee and food?