Coffee Shop Sign


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Jan 19, 2008
Cocoa Beach, FL
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Just got some artwork back from a logo guy. Please tell me what you guys think.


Our coffee shop "BunJava" is coming along pretty quick. Electrical inspection should be tomorrow and hopefully drywall within the week. Tropical storm Fay caused the windows to leak so the property owner has the problem hopefully being repaired.


I know how it is to finally be in the building stage after dealing with all the permits and such.

Logo Looks good... Good contrast and readable. I have learned to not assume tho. BunJava and Coffee & Tea are not centered with each other.. different font sizes. It may be on purpose just my 2 cents worth. Other then that it looks great as does the drawings for your shop.

Best of luck.

Todd Williams


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Sep 11, 2008
S. Georgia
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I love the look, very simple yet stylish...and I love the coffee cup. I would have to agree with Todd, tho. Also, you may find that the overall shape, being wide, could be problematic if you ever want to print labels (say, for use on coffee bags) with your logo. Labels are more of rectangular shape. The logo would have to be small priint in order to fit.

Just my thoughts.