Roastry/Coffee Shop, Advice Sought


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Dec 19, 2014
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Hello Everybody and Happy Holidays,

I wanted to take a moment and Re-Introduce Myself and my Company to this Forum.

I'm a Certified Executive Chef, but up until a year ago, (when I discovered Small Batch Roasting), along with the Specialty Coffee Industry, I really had no idea that Coffee was anything more than a Line Item on my Balance Sheet.

A Friend of mine, that is a Coffee Nut, told me about this Forum. So over a year ago, I joined this board, became a Member of the SCAA, and began my Love Affair with Coffee.

Hopefully in the next month or two, (God willing), our Wordpress Website, will be Live and be able to Sell my Coffee.

In the last year, what I thought that I was going to be doing, in Coffee has Changed Several Times because this whole Coffee Business is very Fluid and a lot of the Preconceived notions that had about Coffee, went right out of the window, when I actually started to Roast Coffee myself.

Ive spoken to a few folks from here and even met a few Local Roasters.

Spoken to Topher several times and he is a wealth of Knowledge and Experience and very helpful, just be patient when speaking to him, he Roasts Full time for a ton of Company Owned Coffee Outlets, he's is an Awesome Dad, and puts in more hours than any Roaster that I've met.

Now a little about me; I have been an Executive Chef, for 25 Years. I'd become a Chef, when there were only 2 Culinary Schools in the Country, instead of 2 in every block. When I first became a Chef, you never told anyone, that you were a Chef, because before the advent of The Food Network, being a Chef, was not a Desirable Career.

I've been playing with the choices of opening an; Online Roastery, a Retail Roastery, a Retail Roastery & Coffee Shop, or a Mail Order Roastery. I've been on Food Trucks from the Philadelphia Area that were Mobile Coffee Truck Business, spoke to the guys that had the Best Coffee Truck out there, only to have them open a Retail Roastry / Coffee Shop, and sell their Beautiful Truck.

I have been offered a Retail Roastry & Coffee Shop, location that hits incredible numbers for High End Retail and they have events that happen throughout the year.

Over a Million guests visit this village every year. There was a Roastery in this village that buy all outside looks was great but they went out of business, a couple of years ago, and were taken over by a Big Box Coffee Franchise.

During my Due Diligence, I just discovered this closed location. Is there anything that I should ask or inquire before I decide to do this. The investment I expect to be about 100k. It will be under 1200 SF and the rent is substantial. Is it possible to Launch a Coffee Brand in this type of a Location?