Coffee Tasting


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Apr 22, 2006
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I have seen video of people tasting coffee, slurping from spoons, and spitting out the results. I was wondering if someone out there can give me a rundown ofhow to prepare, taste, and judge my coffee. I'm starting to get into roasting my own beans, and I want to pull samples from different times during the roast to find the amount of roast I like best. Thanks for your help!

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Apr 4, 2006
Austin, Tx
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its called cupping. Like drawing a shot some people are extreemly picky about it and its one of the few areas where it is justified. I would suggest getting a video, watching it, and then selling it off on e-bay and doing what "feels right" to you. Cupping is most useful when choosing what green beans you want to use for your roast. You can set a micro-roaster to a standard setting(whatever you like) and then begin to judge different green beans on how they handle that specific roast. It takes time to culture your tastebuds to the process but its fun.
P.S. don't try and be a bad-ass...always spit while cupping. You will usually use a lighter roast to judge qualities of coffee which means higher caffine content. It gets to you after a while.


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Here is an article about cupping. Cupping is an extremely useful tool people us to judge green beans for defects and quality. And it is also used to judge the optimal roasting degree. I think the best way to learn is to cup with experienced cuppers who can show you what fermented beans, baggy beans, or baked beans tasted like. Also, you might want to get yourself a copy of SCAA Green Arabica Defect Handbook, and a copy of The Basics of Cupping Coffee. ... ry=CUPPING