Cold-brewed is the way to go!


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Aug 20, 2006
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I'm totally hooked on the Toddy system. I first tried it at a very cool coffee house in Lincoln, NE, called "The Mill" (anybody been there?) Then I had to get my own. If you're not familiar with it, it brews using cold water only - coarse-ground coffee steeps for 12 hours - and makes a concentrate that you then add either hot or cold water or milk to. Sixty-seven percent less acid, a bit less caffeine, but taste unlike any other cup of java I've ever had. No bitterness, very smooth.
I know some people don't like it as they don't think it gives the true flavor of the bean, but in my opinion, humble as it may be, I think getting rid of the acidity lets you experience the flavor of coffee as it should be.
Give it a try!


I know of a similiar drink that's mid-eastern. It's also a long room temp soak that results in a strong, dark yet mild brew. Even though it's made from coffee beans, I'd be apprehensive to call it coffee. Maybe coffee drink or something. If I had to wait 12hrs for a cup, I wouldn't need the cup.

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You don't have to wait 12 hours for the cup - you just have to think ahead. The brew yields about 6cups of concentrate, which is enough to make anywhere from 16 to 24 servings depending on how strong you like your coffee, and how big you like your serving. It keeps for at least a couple of weeks refrigerated (doesn't last that long around here!) I have a carafe in the fridge at all times, ready for hot or cold water or milk. I tend to like it best for iced coffee.
Yeah, I'd be hard-pressed to wait 1 hour, let alone 12!
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Doesn't the coffee loose or alter it's flavor when kept for this long in the fridge? That would be my worry. Does the coldness mask this if it does occur? Just curious.

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Hi, I have a Toddy and love it but I have one question. Do you let the coffee steep for 12 hours at room temperature, or in the fridge? The instructions don't specify.

[quote:746857be60=\"demetri\"]Wouldn''t you have the same effect just by sticking a french press in the fridge?[/quote:746857be60]

How about a brewing with warm water in a french press overnight. IOW, instead of using cold water, use warm water, eg. 140F, to extract more from
the coffee.

The objection I have to cold brewing is that it uses at least twice as much coffee beans for the same volume of end product. For example I use 1/2 cup of fine ground coffee for 12 oz of mocha in my Bialetti 6-cup mocha pot. That weighs about 1 wt. oz. When I make cold brew, I use 2 wt. oz. of coffee beans to create the syrup to make the same 12 fl. oz cup of finished product.

Maybe if I use warm water I can get by with half the amount of coffee beans and still achieve the low acid brew that characterizes cold brew. Also it might result in a faster brew time.

Here''s another question: If you do use a french press to make cold brew which brand and model is the best? I have found the lowest prices on
demetri said:
Wouldn't you have the same effect just by sticking a french press in the fridge?

i don't put the press in the fridge, i do however make double strength in the press and pour over ice with some cream. works great at the moment. 12 hours prep(at home) is kind of steep.
I know, \"the newb is digging up an old thread\"...

I''m new to the cold press method, but so far I''m impressed. For now, I''m using my french press to \"steep\". I have a Filtron on order.

My question is regarding the concentrate itself. Keeping it in the fridge results in cooling down my cup a bit more than I''d like. Filtron''s website suggests it can be kept un-refrigerated for 4-5 weeks.

The concentrate will keep for more than 6 weeks under refrigeration... just as delicious as the day it was made. The concentrate will last 4-5 weeks un-refrigerated (up to 75°), great for field trips and office desks.

I''ll probably go through a batch easily within a couple weeks. Does anyone else leave the concentrate out of the refrigerator? Any ill effects?

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